Tough Mudder
Crumland Farm, Frederick

This 10-12 mile obstacle course, which takes place every September in Frederick, includes tons of obstacles such as climbing through trenches, swimming in underwater tunnels, and wading through a mile-long mud pit. The race benefits the Wounded Warrior Project, which aides injured service members.

Warrior Dash
Budd’s Creek, Mechanicsville

This nearly 5K racecourse includes 12 intense obstacles like wall climbing, repelling, fire jumping, and running through tires. But fun is certainly encouraged as participants get a fuzzy Viking helmet to start, and the May race has been called an “adult playground.”

Run For Your Lives
Camp Ramblewood, Darlington

This 5K course, which takes place October 27 and 28, has the ultimate obstacle—zombies! Before the race, participants get a flag belt and zombies (hired actors) try to take your flags throughout the course, which includes man-made and natural obstacles. A post-apocalyptic party (with plenty of beer) ensues afterwards.