It was a story that couldn't have been written any better. Before the rollercoaster season even began, the Ravens franchise lost its beloved founder, Art Modell.

Then, throughout the 2012 season, the team suffered more losses, both on and off the field: There was the Eagles upset in week two, a 43-13 whooping at the hands of the Texans, and three straight losses that led to the firing of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Not to mention the crippling injuries, like Ray Lewis's triceps and Lardarius Webb's ACL.

But some of those losses led to uplifting moments, too, like how Lewis's retirement announcement (more on that later) served to galvanize the team or when Torrey Smith played the game of his life in New England following his brother's passing. And, of course, the team had plenty of plays to fill the highlight reel: beating the Raiders 55-20, Ray Rice's 4th and 29 run in San Diego, and Jacoby Jones's Hail-Mary reception in Denver.

With all this in mind, it's no wonder the Ravens had a downright cinematic Super Bowl. Between two brothers battling it out, a 33-minute power outage, and a no-call for holding (yes, the refs got it right!) that will live in infamy, the Ravens capped off a dramatic season with an equal amount of flair.

We know it's just a game and all, but when the purple, gold, and white confetti came raining down in the Superdome in February, it felt like nothing short of destiny.

“It's never pretty, it's never perfect, but it is us." —John Harbaugh