After closing and then reopening (and then closing again), The Senator Theatre finally turned on its projectors for good (we hope).

New owners Kathleen and James “Buzz" Cusack completed the $3.5-million renovation on the historic Art Deco theater, restoring artwork and architectural detail, installing new seats, and adding three smaller screening rooms in the process.

On October 10, a full house was on hand to see, fittingly, the John Waters classic Hairspray. The director was there, too, with his mom. (Awww.)

Those three new theaters are no small deal. Industry experts have maintained that the single-theater movie house has gone the way of rotary phones. Now The Senator will be able to show multiple first-run films at once, which should be a boon to both the theater itself and surrounding businesses. T

he grand old girl has never looked better—and those new seats in the showcase main theater are finally comfy too. The people—and butts—of Baltimore are grateful.

“Are you kidding? This is amazing, beautiful," —John Waters to The Baltimore Sun