Cronuts Arrive in Baltimore

At Regi's American Bistro

By Suzanne Loudermilk Haughey. Posted on June 07, 2013, 2:15 pm

-Courtesy of Trip Advisor

In less than a month after Cronuts have become an international sensation, Baltimore is getting in on the craze.

"We've got CRONUTS. A homemade croissant donut stuffed with fresh strawberry & vanilla pudding. WHOA!" posted Regi's American Bistro on Facebook this afternoon. "These are THE REAL DEAL!"

The Federal Hill restaurant may have to rename the sought-after treat, though, since the name is trademarked. In San Diego, they're calling the pastry "Crobars." Others prefer "doissants."

Whatever portmanteau you use, the foodie obsession started in May when chef Dominique Ansel debuted the Cronut at his namesake bakery in New York's SoHo. Since then, patrons have been lining up for the pastries.

Because of the demand, the bakery has had to limit the number of Cronuts a patron can buy, creating a thriving black market. Huffington Post reported that there have been Cronut scalpers selling the sought-out $5 treats on Craigslist for $40.

At least, all we have to do for a Cronut is head to Federal Hill.

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