Don’t worry fellas, a tiny box doesn’t always mean that type of ring. (Hint: the one that involves the four C’s.) Celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving her something that simply states, “I heart you.”

Clockwise from top: Debakarov 14-karat rose gold ring with hessoniate and diamonds ($1,545) at Smyth Jewelers. H. Stern 18-karat rose-gold and 1.62-carats diamond ring ($12,200) at Radcliffe Jewelers. Old mine-cut ring ($4,950) at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. Three stackable 14-karat white-gold rings: .45-carat triangular diamond ($1,680); .22-carat round diamond ($1,085); 1.15-carats square diamond ($3,850) at Misha & Co. Elizabeth Garvin 18-karat bi-metal and sterling silver with cubic zirconia ring ($270) at Amaryllis Handcrafted Jewelry. Arik Kastan 14-karat rose-gold citrine and pink tourmaline ring ($1,350) at Bijoux. 18-karat yellow-gold pear-shaped coral and 3.25-carats diamond cocktail ring ($7,500) at J. Brown Jewelers. Betty Cooke pink tourmaline ring ($1,700) at The Store Ltd. The Pixie ring box ($45/each) at Oh Dier.