That whacky David Alima, co-owner of The Charmery (801 W. 36th St., 410-814-0493) with his wife Laura, just can’t stop coming up with ideas.

“The beautiful thing about ice cream is that it’s a blank palette,” he says. “I constantly think about what flavors to do.”

He’s had fun with creations like Chinese Food and a Movie (a buttered-popcorn base with chocolate-covered fortune-cookie pieces) to celebrate a Jewish tradition at Christmastime and “Crunch” Davis (a sweet-cream base with orange-and-black sprinkles and candy-bar bits) in honor of the O’s Chris Davis.

For Valentine’s Day, he’ll be serving the shop’s seasonal hot chocolate, pictured, a blend of premium chocolate and nearby Trickling Springs Creamery milk, with an optional homemade, heart-shaped marshmallow topped with crushed red-hot candies. We can’t wait to see what he does next.