Sondheim Semifinalists Announced

38 individual artists and an artist duo nominated for $25,000 prize.

By John Lewis. Posted on February 19, 2014

John Lewis

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts has announced the semifinalists for this year’s Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize. The list of artists (see below) is impressive and illustrates the variety and vitality of work coming out of the local arts scene—from Neil Feather’s sculptural musical instruments to Leah Cooper’s ephemeral installations (pictured). This year’s Sondheim winner will receive $25,000.

Lauren Adams, Baltimore, MD

Kyle Bauer, Baltimore, MD

Stephanie Benassi, Baltimore, MD

Tommy Bobo, Baltimore, MD

Aharon Bumi, Baltimore, MD

Amanda Burnham, Baltimore, MD

Dustin Carlson, Baltimore, MD

Shannon Collis, Baltimore, MD

Jim Condron, Owings Mills, MD

Ally Silberkleit, Baltimore, MD

Leah Cooper, Baltimore, MD

Elizabeth Crisman, Baltimore, MD

Marley Dawson, Washington, DC

Kyle Tata, Baltimore, MD

Adam Farcus, Baltimore, MD

Neil Feather, Baltimore, MD

Terence Hanum, Parkville, MD

Joshua Haycraft, Washington, DC

Nora Howell, Baltimore, MD

Elena Johnston, Baltimore, MD

Benjamin Kelley, Baltimore, MD

Dean Kessmann, Washington, DC

Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter, Baltimore, MD

Christopher LaVoie, Baltimore, MD

Jon Malis, Washington, DC

Sebastian Martorana, Baltimore, MD

Cara Ober, Baltimore, MD

Ding Ren, Columbia, MD

Fred Scharmen, Baltimore, MD

Paul Shortt, Baltimore, MD

Nora Sturges, Baltimore, MD

Diane Szczepaniak, Potomac, MD

Chad Tyler, Baltimore, MD

Elena Volkova, Baltimore, MD

Stewart Watson, Baltimore, MD

Martine Workman, Washington, DC

Trevor Young, Takoma Park, MD

Lu Zhang, Baltimore, MD

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