Canton comes together after tragedy

Tonight neighborhood bars and restaurants do their part to help a local victim.

By Eva Niessner. Posted on February 05, 2014, 11:30 am


Tonight local bars and restaurants will be doing their part for the community by donating a portion of their proceeds to Jon Fogg, a sports editor at The Sun, who was robbed and assaulted in the neighborhood last month.

The "Count on Canton" event was organized by Stephanie Moore and Jasmine Touton, creators of neighborhood blog Stay Classy Canton. This fundraiser was a "natural extension" of last summer's Stoop Nights, which were meant to encourage neighborhood familiarity and fellowship, Grocott said.

"Canton was shocked when Jon Fogg was so brutally attacked and, through our participation in online communities, we realized that neighbors needed a way to collectively acknowledge the injustice, support Fogg, and move forward," she said. "We wanted to be the voice for that effort and decided to spearhead getting local businesses involved. The Canton community is full of passionate and caring people who want to look out for each other."

"Count on Canton" is encouraging residents to leave their porch lights on, gather together, and visit one of the participating locations to help Jon Fogg and his family.

Just some examples of tonight's specials include Smaltimore offering a free sushi roll with the purchase of a bottle of wine, Shiso Tavern offering $15 fishbowls all night, Sauté featuring a burger and a beer for $10, and Nacho Mama's boasting $1 off margaritas all night. Those going out with their kids might want to stop by Verde, where children under 10 can get a free Margherita pizza.

See Stay Classy Canton's blog for a complete list of participating bars and restaurants, and if you can't make it out tonight, you can donate to Fogg's recovery fund.

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