Campfire Spacesuit

Molesuit Choir (Ehse Records)

This pairing of Liz Downing and Rupert Wondolowski, both fixtures on the local arts scene, is weird and welcome. Not unexpectedly, they play strangely beautiful music, but it’s surprising how simpatico they sound. Her vocals wed Southern folk and country music to artful psychedelia that blends perfectly with his steady, affective tenor. It’s a starship hootenanny that sounds utterly down-to-earth thanks to Downing and Wondolowski’s artistic compatibility.

Java Jive

Erin Dickens (Dot Time Records)

A co-founder of Manhattan Transfer, Dickins now lives on the Eastern Shore and gigs regularly in the area. This disc features lively vocals by her old bandmates on the title track, and a finger-snapping, head-nodding vibe that permeates all the material. Alternately smoking and smoky, Dickins smooths each song to a polished glow that could light up the Café Carlyle and invoke a classic supper club ambiance. So it’s no surprise she’s playing a “Jazz for Foodies” show at Germano’s Piattini on March 29.