“When I’m out to dinner, the last thing I want to hear is a screaming kid.”

- Kelly Manly, mortgage loan closer

“I don’t mind a well-behaved child . . . as long as the parent doesn’t mind the possibility of adult conversations around their child.”

- Annie Zeiler, hairstylist at FX Studios

“More importantly, what about the [people] that get drunk and talk so unbelievably loud that you can hear them across the room?”

- Erik Sizemore, self-employed

“If they act appropriately, it’s fine. You should not know they are there.”

- Stacy Thayer, customer pickup coordinator

“If you can afford a nice restaurant, you can afford a babysitter.”

- Rob Brock, commercial/industrial sales

“Only if they’re sedated.”

- Shane Gabriszeski, pharmacy buyer