Long a staple of French cuisine, rabbit has found a place on local menus as an alternative protein that tastes a lot like chicken. (We swear.) 

Try it at: Cunningham’s, where sultry smoked-rabbit rillettes are included with the house-made charcuterie plate.


Southerners have transformed grated cheese, mayonnaise, and chopped pimiento peppers into a beloved spread. Devotees swear by using cheddar cheese in their recipes. 

Try it at: Oliver Speck’s Eats & Drinks, where it’s slathered generously on The 16-Legged Burger (a combination of bison, lamb, beef, and pork that is topped with a fried egg).


This lean, delicious meat—high in zinc, niacin, and iron—inspires many manifestations, from sausage to steak. Gunpowder Bison & Trading Company in Monkton is a local purveyor for many area restaurants. 

Try it at: Waterstone Bar & Grille, which turns out a half-pound ground-bison patty graced with a grilled tomato and tzatziki, a Greek yogurt sauce.