Don't Hassel Our Hoff

What Maryland loves: Crabs, the NFL, and...David Hasselhoff?

By Max Weiss. Posted on May 23, 2014

The home-buying blog Estately just did an interesting analysis of Google trends to find out what states were Googling that made them unique from other states. Some of the searches were totally embarrassing (note to self: Don't move to Alaska). Some were...unexpected (who knew there was so much dandruff in California?) But ours was just Because alongside the inevitable: crabs, the NFL, House of Cards (which is filmed here), Marylanders also search more for David Hasselhoff than any other state. I've never been more proud. Okay, this is not QUITE as arbitrary as it might seem—the Hoff was born in Maryland, after all. But so were Edward Norton, Josh Charles, Mo'Nique, CAL FREAKIN' RIPKEN. Nope, we're all about the Hoff. In fairness, Baywatch was a really, really good show.

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