Morrissey Cancels Meyerhoff Show, Blames Opening Act

Concert scheduled for last night was postponed, then cancelled along with other U.S. dates.

By John Lewis. Posted on June 11, 2014, 6:39 pm

-Morrissey Facebook

Morrissey fans were disappointed when the singer postponed last night's scheduled show at the Meyerhoff and rescheduled it for a few weeks later. It's wasn't surprising though, because the singer was reportedly battling a cold, and he's no stranger to postponements. Then today, the remainder of Morrissey's U.S. tour, including the Baltimore date, was cancelled altogether, and the blame was placed squarely on the shoulders of his opening act, Kristeen Young. 

According to a statement, Young was sick and passed along a cold and fever to the singer, who soldiered on until the illness took him down completely. But then Young countered that she wasn't sick and issued a statement of her own, saying she had allergies, nothing more. She called the entire episode "bizarre." 

And Morrissey fans had even more reason to be miserable.

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