Life-Changing Art: Mike McFadden (Animal Years)

Baltimore native loves Martin Sexton, plays the Ottobar Friday night.

By John Lewis. Posted on June 05, 2014, 11:55 am

-Martin Sexton facebook

What piece of art changed your life? How did it affect you?

Seeing Martin Sexton, which was one of my first concerts at the now-closed Recher Theatre, was a life-changing event. I was baffled at how one man and a guitar could make that much sound. I've never been able to figure out his playing style, tunings, etc. I've looked up to him as one of those guys who will always be better than me. He's always in tune—I've seen him three times, and he's never hit a sour note. He inspired me to create my own style and embrace my own system for performing and creating.

Mike McFadden left Baltimore for Brooklyn two years ago—Hey, I thought Baltimore was the new Brooklyn!—and put together Animal Years, an indie rock outfit that brings to mind the likes of Ryan Adams and The Wallflowers on its debut disc, Sun Will Rise. McFadden and crew play the Ottobar tomorrow night, with Western Star, Pushing Giants, and Not Blood Paint also on the bill. It’s an all-ages show, and doors open at 8 pm.

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