Four Seasons Restaurants Close

Pabu and LAMILL are out as the owners of Ouzo Bay step in.

By Jane Marion. Posted on June 06, 2014, 12:43 pm

Baltimore magazine, March 2013 -Photo by Scott Suchman

If you want one last round of robata from Pabu or a coffee-art cappuccino from LAMILL, get there fast. We’ve just learned the Mina Group will close both of their Four Seasons Baltimore restaurants on June 14, though they will continue to operate Wit & Wisdom

Moving forward, the spaces will be leased to The Atlas Group, owned by local restaurateurs Alex Smith and George Aligeorgas of Ouzo Bay. A new coffee shop/cafe will reopen by June 16, and following renovations, a rebranded restaurant will open in the Pabu space.

Though we’ve hearing rumors of a closing for many months now, the exit of the wildly talented Jonah Kim was a sure sign that changes were in store. The likelihood is that Baltimore—and Four Seasons hotel guests—weren’t ready for the introduction of the somewhat esoteric Japanese tapas cuisine.

Given the great see-and-be-seen vibe and top-flight food served at Ouzo Bay, we’re exited to see how Smith and his partner rebrand the space. When it opened in 2012, Ouzo Bay was an instant Harbor East hit, and rose to become our number-one rated restaurant in 2013.

Full disclosure: Ouzo Bay is next to our offices at Baltimore and a favorite stop for an after-work drink or octopus appetizer. We’re hoping the new spots are equally good. 

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