Hieronimus Mural Opens Friday!

Restored/redesigned mural will be celebrated at St. Paul Street park.

By John Lewis. Posted on June 06, 2014

John Lewis

You may have noticed that the Bob Hieronimus "Bicentennial" mural at the corner of St. Paul and Lafayette streets has been extensively refurbished and redone. The new We the People piece—painted by Hieronimus and a team of MICA, JHU, and UMBC students/faculty—includes plenty of his trademark imagery relating to liberty and "Age of Aquarius" ideals. It officially opens today with a celebration of the art and artists from 5 to 8 pm. In this case, the artist is as colorful as the art, so be sure to chat up Hieronimus if you attend. He's quite a character. And next time you're at Lexington Market, seek out his sprawling and impressive E Pluribus Unum mural.

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