Towson Grad First-Ever Female American Ninja Warrior Finalist

Former college gymnast dismantled TV's show's famed obstacle course on Monday night.

By Ron Cassie. Posted on July 16, 2014, 11:13 am

Think Spider-Woman. Swinging ring to ring, at times leaping through the air to catch hold, pulling, climbing, and running up walls at seemingly impossible angles, former Towson University gymnast Kacy Catanzaro became the first female competitor ever to make it out of the American Ninja Warrior qualifying round on Monday night's telecast.

Named the NCAA's Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year in 2012, the 24-year-old—just 5-feet and 100 pounds—displayed remarkable agility and strength, not to mention tenacity, bringing the audience, including former NFL great Tim Brown, to its feet.

A member of two Towson University ECAC championship teams, Catanzaro was so well poised that she blew a kiss to boyfriend Brent Steffensen before taking off on her historic run. 

The clip of Catanzaro's performance, which has been garnering national attention, is seven and a half minutes long, but hang in there, the best stuff is at the end.

Up next, America Ninja Warrior's ultimate challenge, Mt. Midoriyama.



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Ron Cassie is a senior editor for Baltimore, where he covers the environment, education, medicine, politics, and city life.


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