With song lyrics from the ’80s like “just got paid, it’s Friday night” and classic movies from the ’70s like Saturday Night Fever, it seems like the first two days of the weekend have always gotten all the glory. But if you live in Baltimore, you may have noticed that a new day is making its case for taking over and they call it . . . Sunday Funday. Although the origin of the term is not exactly known, many credit The Bangles hit “Manic Monday” (“I wish it was Sunday, that’s my funday”) with the first mention. Yes, Sunday, formerly known by many as God’s day is now, from this gal’s observations, the best part of the weekend.

And from what I hear from transplants to Charm City, we do it bigger than anywhere else including Jersey, NYC, and Miami. It’s almost like a weekly holiday here. It’s common for me to get a text from any of my friends that simply says, “Sunday Funday?”

I guess I never really thought about it before, but, as a single in the city, Sundays are a great day to meet people. There are singles everywhere! Plus, the drinking pace is more relaxed than on a Friday or Saturday when people cram the party into two or three hours, and it’s bright enough to be able to see what someone actually looks like (as opposed to that dark evening lighting that enhances people’s looks like an Instagram filter). And it’s usually not too loud to have a conversation.

But to do Sunday Funday smartly and safely, might I suggest these easy tips?

  • If you start your day with brunch, make sure they offer bottomless. Brunch is nothing without bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys. Otherwise, it’s just breakfast for lunch.
  • Don’t stay at one place all day. Mix it up. I like to go from Bond Street Social to The Admiral’s Cup to Barcocina to Lil’ Phil’s to Woody’s to The Point in Fells to The Horse You Came in On.
  • As I mentioned before, day drinking means daylight and, therefore, less likelihood of beer goggles. And not just for you, but for people looking at you, as well. So do regular mirror checks and keep yourself looking fresh.
  • No PDA! No one wants to watch you make out while they are trying to eat their waffles.
  • Plan ahead and don’t drive! Use Uber or a cab.
  • Finally, don’t overdo it. Remember: You have work tomorrow. (Don’t blame the messenger!)