Fresh Bites Snow Domes

Local businesswoman puts a unique twist on the Baltimore snowball tradition.

By Payam Agha-Ghassem. Posted on July 22, 2014, 12:00 am

-Kenilworth Farmer's Market

We all grew up eating snow cones or snowballs, but one Baltimore native puts a unique twist on these icy treats.

Last year, Faith Myers opened Fresh Bites Snow Domes, a gourmet snowball truck.

Myers handcrafts inventive gourmet syrups with a fun, sophisticated flair using quality ingredients.

Myers takes real fruit and develops unique combinations, like pineapple ginger, strawberry hibiscus, and watermelon mint. She also uses natural sugar, herbs, and spices, and tops the shaved ice with sweet cream or whipped cream.

“I grew up on the snowballs that everyone else is ingesting and that’s with artificially-prepared flavorings,” says Myers. “Eventually, I outgrew those flavors. My palate matured, so I just started dabbling and making my own.”

Myers tutors elementary school kids and would make Snow Domes for them after tutoring sessions.

“One thing led to another and my friends were enjoying them, the kids were enjoying them, and my husband, who is a New Englander and did not have exposure to snowballs, enjoys them,” says Myers. “He had his favorite flavor, my son had his, and that was really how it was born.”

Myers’ personal favorite Snow Dome flavors are pink grapefruit and chocolate.

Fresh Bites Snow Domes is at the Kenilworth Farmer's Market in Towson every Tuesday from 3:30-6:30 p.m, but Myers also does private events.

This is what summertime is all about. Be on the lookout for the little “snow” white trailer. 

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