Last summer, Baltimore thought it was big-time when Jay Z and Justin Timberlake came into town. But this month, Jay Z has found himself a possibly even more high-profile partner in his wife Beyoncé, as their On The Run tour comes to M&T Bank Stadium on July 7. “I think it sold so fast primarily because of the novelty of them touring together,” says Mike Burke, Ravens senior manager for ticket sales and hospitality. “But also, there is no D.C. show and

no Hershey show, so people are going to come here from all over.” The couple recently made headlines when video of Beyoncé’s sister Solange kicking Jay Z in an elevator at the Met Ball went viral. But this month, all eyes will be on the two as performers since they’ve never officially toured together. “Unlike the Timberlake show, and even U2, this sold out every

seat almost instantly,” Burke says. “I guess that’s the power of Beyoncé.”