Take Me Out to the Bakery

A Camden Yards pastry chef opens her own bake shop.

By Jane Marion. Posted on August 14, 2014, 3:18 pm

-Courtesy of Enchanted Cakes and Treats

Camden Yards pastry chef Carrie Shelley is hoping to hit a home run out of the park.

The talented baker, who has been baking specialty cakes, cake pops, stuffed brownies, and decorated cookies at the club level of the ballpark for the past year, is now opening her own bakery, Enchanted Cakes and Treats, at 7946 Harford Rd. in Parkville.

Specialties will include: orange stuffed brownies, caramel apples, lemon bars, cake pops, and lemon-blueberry cheesecakes. 

“I’m not a donut shop or an old-fashioned bakery,” says Shelley, who learned to bake from her grandmother. “I specialize in 3-D and sculpted cakes.”

The grand opening of Enchanted Cakes and Treats is this Saturday. 

And though the O’s will be out of town to play against the Cleveland Indians, she suspects they’ll soon stop by to show support.

Says Shelley, laughing, “If the chef at Camden Yards has anything to say about it, the players will be there."

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Jane Marion is the food and travel editor for Baltimore, where she covers food, wellness, beauty, and home and garden.


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