Stephen A. Geppi

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Editor
Richard M. Basoco

Managing Editor
Max Weiss

Art Director
Amanda Laine White-Iseli

Assistant Art Director
Kellie Duff

Managing Editor, Special Editions
Ken Iglehart

Senior Editors
Ron Cassie
Amy Mulvihill

Food and Travel Editor
Jane Marion

Arts and Culture Editor
Gabriella Souza

Style Editor
Lauren Bell

Associate Editor
Lydia Woolever

Digital Manager
Mike Smith

Digital Editor
Jess Mayhugh

Digital Designer
Craig Forbes

Production Manager
Jon Timian

Editorial Design Assistant
Stephanie Shafer

Art Director, Special Editions and Marketing
Staci Lanham

Advertising Design Director
Vicki Dodson

Senior Graphic Designer
Michael Tranquillo

Director of Photography
David Colwell

Rosebud Entertainment L.L.C.

Director of Finance and Business Development
Debbie Darmofal

Director of Circulation
Lori Birney

Director of Marketing
Sharon Nevins

Marketing & Events Manager
Maggie Church

Social Media Coordinator
Meredith Herzing

Senior Account Managers
Michelle Coughlan
Jodi Hammerschlag
Shawn Hyatt
Stacey Lynn Ward-Munsell

Account Manager
Nina Land

Advertising Traffic Coordinator
Nia Lyles

Mid-West Sales
Murphy Media Group

Office Manager
Michelle Harris