February 21st, 2012 - 3:43 pm

Fine Print: Trenton Doyle Hancock and Globe


A dinner was held at MICA last night to celebrate the first collaboration between a visiting artist and Globe Press. MICA purchased an extensive collection of Globe materials after the legendary poster company closed up shop last year and hired Globe co-owner Bob Cicero to teach printmaking. The folks at MICA envisioned using the collection for creating student work and luring established artists to the school for collaborative projects. The first such project got under way Sunday evening when artist Trenton Doyle Hancock arrived on campus and immediately got to work with Cicero, MICA's Mary Mashburn, and the BMA's Ben Levy to create a limited edition print to benefit both the school and the museum. According to everyone involved, things got off to a fantastic start, with the group working until 1:00 a.m. and returning the next morning about 10 a.m.

Cicero gave me a quick tour of the press room before we ate and showed some of the early results—a locked up letterpress form that will be used for the print, strikes of vintage wood cuts, half-tone photos of Hancock, sketches by the artist, and some color proofs pulled by MICA students. As someone who's familiar with Hancock's eye-popping work and Globe's eye-popping designs, I'm intrigued and excited by how they will mingle and interact.


You could feel a similar excitement in MICA's board room later on, as folks from the school (including Fred Lazarus, Ray Allen, Gail Deery, Whitney Sherman, Mashburn, and Cicero), the BMA (Doreen Bolger, Ann Shafer, Jay Fisher, Rena Hoisington, and Levy), the Smithsonian, and various Friends of Globe discussed the project and future uses for the Globe collection. For his part, Hancock said he was "looking forward to adding to the Globe legacy, under the tutelage of Bob Cicero," though he doesn't seem shy about asserting his abundant creative energies. Hancock also noted that, over the years, he had "absorbed the Globe style but hadn't realized where it came from. Now, I know."

Lazarus praised Cicero for approaching the MICA partnership "with great faith and great love" and said the Hancock/Globe collaboration "represents everything we hoped would happen when we purchased the collection, and it's just the start." He concluded by saying it helps the school fulfill its mission of "transforming history into the future."

You can reserve a copy of the limited edition Hancock/Globe print, which will sell for $200, by emailing printmaking@mica.edu.

Hancock will give an artist talk at the BMA on April 26th to help kick off the Contemporary Print Fair. 

12 issues for $18!