August 19th, 2013 - 10:44 am

Orioles Stud of the Week

Photo: The Baltimore Orioles


Man, last week was grim. Traumatizing even. We’re not sure we’ll ever be able to see the words “walk” “off” and “Diamondbacks” in a sentence together ever again. (Luckily, they don't come up very often in everyday conversation.)

But there were some bright spots: For one, we ended strong, taking two out of three against the Rockies. 

And there was a familiar beacon of light throughout this whole dark ordeal. And his name was Crush Davis.

Stud of the week for August 12-19:
Chris Davis

The Line:

Chris went a studly 4 for 5, and clubbed his 45th home run, in yesterday’s rubber match against the Rockies.

Studliest moment:

Unlike some sluggers, Davis is not over-eager at the plate. Against the Rockies, he went 4 for 9, with four walks.

The clincher:

Perennial Triple Crown threat Miguel Cabrera (he’s not bad. . . if you like that sort of thing) hit home runs in 4 straight games in an attempt to overtake Davis for the home run lead. (Cabrera is now up to 40). But Crush says: Not so fast, Miggy, answering with those three studly home runs of his own.



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