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April, 26th 2013

NFL Draft: Ravens Take Florida Safety; Dunbar's Austin Goes in First Round

Baltimore magazine

With the departure of two beloved future Hall of Famers from their defense — linebacker Ray Lewis to retirement, safety Ed Reed to the Houston Texans — the Ravens had holes to fill at both positions during the first round of last night's NFL Draft.

With the final selection of the first round, the Ravens ultimately skipped on controversial Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o and instead took versatile, hard-hitting Florida safety Matt Elam. In reality, recently acquired safety Michael Huff, who the Ravens signed from Oakland, will take over Reed's spot at free safey and Elam will compete to replace Bernard Pollard (who the Ravens let go after the Super Bowl win) at strong safety, but the bottom line is the Ravens decided to shore up their secondary.

The other big Baltimore draft news last night was the selection of former Dunbar star Tavon Austin, by way of West Virginia University, by the St. Louis Rams with the eighth overall selection....

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April, 25th 2013

A Tip of the Hat

Baltimore magazine

Wow. This cover from our friends over at Boston magazine really took our breath away.

Bravo to the entire art and editorial team at Boston for pulling this together at the eleventh hour, as well for all your excellence coverage of the Marathon bombing during these trying two weeks.

You make us proud to be in the city regional magazine business.

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April, 25th 2013

10 Baltimore County Schools Make ‘Best High Schools’ List

Baltimore magazine

The top six public high schools in the state, according to the recently released, annual U.S. News & World Report rankings, are all from Montgomery County. However, 10 Baltimore County Public Schools also made the “Best High Schools” list of the top public high schools in Maryland.

Towson’s George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology (above photo) was top-ranked Baltimore County Public School, ranked No. 9 within Maryland and No. 242 overall in the U.S. Among other Baltimore County schools, Towson High School was ranked No. 12 in the state and No. 268 nationally, while Eastern Technical High School, in Essex, was ranked No. 13 in the state and No. 272 nationally. Dulaney High School, in Timonium, was ranked No. 17 in the state and No. 368 nationally. Hereford High School in Parkton was ranked No. 21 in Maryland and No. 268 nationally.

Winston Churchill High School in Potomac was the top ranked Maryland school and came in at...

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April, 24th 2013

We Probably Won't Turn This Into a "Look at the Cute Animal!" Blog

Baltimore magazine


Seriously, will you look at this cute animal?!?

It's . . .clutching a teddy bear of some sort and playing peek-a-boo. It's like a perfect storm of cuteness.

We mentioned to Maryland Zoo PR director Jane Ballentine that maybe if she sent us pictures of newborn animals we might post them sometimes. We never expected to post two in a row. But you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, this is Max, a newborn Coqueral's sifaka, which is in the lemur family.

And here is Max—no big whoop—just being snuggled and kissed by his mom.


Okay we're done (for now).




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April, 22nd 2013

Can You Handle This Much Cuteness?

Baby pygmy goats

Because we can't. Seriously hyperventilating over here.

These twin pygmy goats were born at the Maryland Zoo last week.

You can go visit them RIGHT NOW (they're located near the petting zoo.)

Warning: They do a lot of frolicking and hopping and, apparently, this adorable kissy thing with their little goat noses.

It is strongly advised that you bring a paper bag to breathe into.

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April, 19th 2013

Scary Mommy

Baltimore magazine

We got to check in with Scary Mommy Jill Smokler at her book party earlier this week. Smokler — a mom of three and Mt. Washington resident — was just coming off her whirlwind New York book tour (Today show, 20/20, Huffington Post) and stopped by Charm City Kids Club for some book signing and girl gab. 

Smokler is friendly and pretty and you can see why her legions of Scary Mommies feel comfortable confessing their deepest darkest mommy secrets to her. ("Today I'm dressed as a grumpy bitch who needs more coffee. Same costume I wore yesterday." And "Every night, after supper, I hide in the bathub and eat a Little Debbie snack." Or "I need a mom jar. Anytime the kids say MOM they put a dollar in the jar. I would have enough for a cruise in no time.")

Her newest book Motherhood Comes Naturally (and other vicious lies) comes fresh on the heel of her New York Times bestseller Confessions of a...

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April, 19th 2013

Towson Pre-School Teacher Severely Wounded in Boston Bombing

Baltimore magazine

A fund has been set up to help a 29-year-old pre-school teacher at Towson's Trinity Episcopal Children's Center who lost part of her left leg in the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Erika Brannock, a Mount Hebron High School graduate, and her sister Nicole Gross, 31, of North Carolina, were standing near the finish line to meet their mother, Carol Downing, competing in the marathon, when the two bombs exploded. Brannock was rushed to Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where doctors were forced to ambutate her left leg below the knee, according to the Episcopal News Service.

Brian Gross, Brannock's brother-in-law, told The Boston Globe that doctors are also “keeping an eye on the other leg and are concerned with her foot."

Nicole Gross suffered two broken legs in the bombing and a severed achilles tendon,...

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April, 18th 2013

Howard County Woman Won Boston Marathon Wheelchair Division

Baltimore magazine

Before violence and tragedy struck the Boston Marathon this week, Clarksville’s Tatyana McFadden won the women’s wheelchair division at the iconic race.

McFadden, who won gold medals at the 2012 London Paralympics in the 400-meter, 800-meter and 1,500 meter races, posted on her Facebook page shortly after the bombing in Boston Monday that she was okay, her family was safe, asking that all, “Please pray for those who were affected by the bomb and pray for their families and friends as well.”

Earlier today, she posted that while planning to race in the upcoming London Marathon this weekend that she and her teammates “will run in London with prayers in our hearts for all affected by the tragedy in Boston.”

McFadden was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with spina bifida in 1989, and was later adopted by her mom, Deborah McFadden.

Baltimore magazine profiled McFadden in September 2012, shortly before the London Paralympics.

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April, 17th 2013

It's a . . .one-month old!

Baltimore magazine

In the day and age when “baby bumps” are the stuff of breaking news and paparazzi are usually camped outside the celebrity delivery room, Edward Norton has pulled off quite a feat.

According to Us magazine, his film-producer fiancée Shauna Robertson (who knew? not us) gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. . .last month.

Sure he’s a brilliant actor and tireless activist, but Edward Norton’s greatest trick of all may have been keeping the birth of his son a secret.

A belated congrats, mom and dad.

We’ll probably find out the baby’s name some time next July.

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April, 15th 2013

The only GIF you will ever need to see

Baltimore magazine

Okay, so here is Tom Brady reacting to Nick Markakis's home run in Saturday's game against the Yankees.

If you've seen it already, we apologize, but we feel it just can't be shared enough.

Also, what's up with Tom Brady being a Yankees fan? Shouldn't he be a fan of a little team we like to call the BOSTON RED SOX??

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