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June, 1st 2011

Breast Intentions


Headline in today's Washington Post:

Pa. 8th graders’ field trip to National Aquarium in Baltimore includes lunch at Hooters


What, the line to Phillips was too long?

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May, 31st 2011

Sarah Palin in town

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was in town yesterday as a part of her "One Nation" bus tour across the country. She and her family visited Fort McHenry and were guided by Ranger Jim Bailey, pictured with Palin, who was dressed (and probably sweating to death) as an 1814 Army artilery officer.

Bailey gave them a tour of the battlefield and even let Palin pick up a 36-pound cannonball. Palin and her husband, Todd, also peeked in closely to the glass case housing the original copy of Francis Scott Key's "Star-Spangled Banner."

We spoke to Bailey earlier today and asked what it was like to meet and hang out with Palin, who has still not yet confirmed whether she is running for president in 2012. Bailey said that he gave the tour to Palin and her family (including daughter Piper, husband Todd, and Palin's father) while the fort was open to the public and the press.

"She was really good about engaging with the...

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May, 27th 2011

Re: Joyce

  James Joyce

It’s hard to imagine two things more diametrically opposed: James Joyce’s dense, highly personal, joyfully discursive Ulysses and the to-the-point missives of Twitter. But a guy named Stephen Cole (@11ysses) from Federal Hill thinks their time to be linked has come—and has devised a unique way to combine them. To commemorate Bloomsday (June 16), the international celebration of Joyce’s masterwork, he wants volunteers to retell Ulysses, in—yes—140 characters or less. We’ll let him take if from here.


1. Why Ulysses? Why Twitter?
Ulysses is my favorite book, and I like the idea of Bloomsday Ulysses readings but disappointed they are so rare. I am not a Twitter aficionado. I came to it through my position in public affairs for a federal agency in Washington, D.C. “Thou Shalt Tweet Daily” is in my job description, believe it or not. I have been dabbling in this ridiculous medium to see what it offers personal...

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May, 26th 2011

More Pictures of the New Baltimore

As I reported yesterday, the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) announced ambitious plans to transform downtown Baltimore and the Inner Harbor last night. They also released some pictures of what their proposed developments will look like, seen here.

The top photo shows perhaps the most intriguing of the proposals: a pedestrian bridge across the harbor, from Rash Field (near the Rusty Scupper) to Pier 5, where the Aquarium is. The bridge would create a 1.5-mile loop around the harbor that would undoubtably increase foot traffic and interest in the "far side" of the harbor, past the Science Center.

In the picture, you can see the Science Center as it currently stands in gray in the lower-right corner, and the re-designed Rash Field above it, with a playground next to green-and-white topped carousel, and a large green space with an amphitheater stage for concerts. The field...

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May, 26th 2011

So Grad You Came!

Wow. This is actually a pretty big deal. Kiplinger has just ranked Baltimore the number one city for college grads. Among the chief factors: Our relatively cheap rent, our healthy job market, our exciting urban development projects, and—yeah baby—our red hot music, culture, and arts scene.

We've always been primarily concerned about retaining our local grads—from the likes of Hopkins, MICA, U of Baltimore, etc.—but this has us thinking bigger. Just graduated from Harvard? Have you seen the rent in Cambridge? Boston may be number two on the list, but we're number one, baby!

[Photo courtesy of Ralph Daily]...

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May, 25th 2011

BREAKING: Huge Changes Coming to Downtown, Inner Harbor

Tonight, at its annual meeting, the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) will announce ambitious plans to transform downtown Baltimore, including a new 18,500 arena and 500-room hotel at the corner of Conway and Charles Streets (currently site of the Sheraton Hotel) (top left), a massive expansion of the Baltimore Convention Center, which will double its size and connect it to the new arena, and a new waterfront park at the site of Rash Field—to possibly include a footbridge transversing the harbor, from Rash Field to Pier 5, creating a 1.5-mile "Harbor Loop."

This morning, at a press conference in the 17th floor conference room of GBC's Calvert Street offices overlooking the harbor, CEO Donald Fry previewed the plans for the developments, designed by local architecture firm Ayers/Saint/Gross, saying that Baltimore's infrastructure needed updating. "The Inner Harbor has been a tremendous outlet for our city for 30 years, but it's a little worn... 1st Mariner Arena is 50 years old," he said. "What we're planning would really be unique in...

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May, 25th 2011

Let's Chatter

Welcome to The Chatter, a new blog by the editors of Baltimore magazine and a kind of web-spinoff of our popular Charm City Chatter column. Here, you'll read our take on a variety of hot topics—from breaking news to local trends to what Baltimore is (or should be) talking about. Be sure to check back every day (or, heck, several times a day), because we plan to update often.

Let the chattering begin!

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