March 18th, 2013 - 8:26 am

The Dogwood Restaurant Closes

Photo: The Dogwood Restaurant

Chef/owner Galen Sampson announced the closing of his popular Hampden restaurant The Dogwood early this morning on Facebook.

"At The Dogwood, we tried to do something innovative and risky, and the city and its people have always supported us," he wrote. "We are very grateful to you. Unfortunately, we had to close the doors of the restaurant."

It's very touching goodbye letter.

Galen and his wife Bridget faced other hurdles with the restaurant, closing for a while in 2009 before reopening that December.

On Facebook, Galen said Bridget is focusing on fiction writing, while he will be working on Bellair Farm, an organic farm outside of Charlottesville, VA, for the growing season.

"However, nothing will ever bring us the joy and the heartache, the fun and the challenge that The Dogwood did," he wrote. "The restaurant and all who supported it will remain in our hearts."

As Galen and Bridget will remain in ours. 

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