March 12th, 2014 - 10:55 am

New Tavern Room opens at Fleet Street Kitchen

Photo: Fleet Street Kitchen

Fleet Street Kitchen—which is the most upscale of the Bagby Restaurant Group's operations—just got a little more casual with the opening of The Tavern Room. The front room, which eschews white tablecloths and plays more casual music, is adjacent to the restaurant's bar and offers a more relaxed vibe. 

While the menu options remain sophisticated with glazed sunchokes, bone marrow, and a pig face and pickles plate, the prices are much more reasonable than Fleet Street's dining room. At a media dinner last night, the restaurant group's director of marketing Dave Seel explained that The Tavern Room will focus on small plates and appetizers (which they call "tastes") rather than a full tasting menu.

Another exciting aspect of The Tavern Room are the punches that beverage director Tim Riley has whipped up exclusively for the space. Meant to be shared between 2-4 people, the punches include Cry of Delores (Crema de Mezcal, apple brandy, sherry, smoked tea, and citrus); Colonel Baldwin's Punch (Haitian rum, old cognac, Madeira, Cherry Heering, and lemons); and Kentucky Navy (bourbon, rye, spearmint tea, black walnut bitters, citrus, local cider). All of the punches—served in communal Mason jars—were lovely, but we especially loved the minty, aromatic flavors of the Kentucky Navy. 

Also new is The Tavern Room's happy hour, which is Monday-Friday 5-7 p.m. and features half-price small plates and tastes, as well as $5 beer, $6 cocktails, and $7 glasses of wine. 

All in all, the new space is a welcome addition to the restaurant concept, as it will make Fleet Street Kitchen, as a whole, feel less intimidating and more inviting. 

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