December 1st, 2012 - 9:58 pm

31 Days of Gift Giving—Day 1

In addition to our Gift Guide feature, which can be found in our December issue (on stands now), we’ll be giving you 31 ideas throughout the month. Be sure to check back each day for our daily pick. 

Here’s a creative gift with a personal touch inspired by craft maven, Martha Stewart. Assembled by our very talented editorial design assistant, Sophia Belitsos, let’s find out how easy and fun this project can be! 

DIY Cookie Cutter Holiday Ornaments by Sophia Belitsos


Supplies Needed:

-Cheap metal cookie cutters ( has several options.)

-Photographs (They can be personal, such as a picture of you and your best friend, or something silly, like a pug for the dog lovers.)

-Cardstock (White, cream, or another light color that will print photographs well, available at any craft store. We recommend purchasing a few extra sheets just in case!)

-Holiday patterned paper

-X-acto knife and extra blades

-Super glue with a thin point (Make sure the packaging says that it dries clear.)

-Goof Off Spot and Stain remover

-Thin satin ribbon (1/4” or 1/8” inch wide, available at any craft store. The color is up to you!)

-Metallic beads (Enough for one bead per ornament.)


-Paper towels



1. Choose which ornaments you’d like to have pictures in and which ones will have the holiday-patterned paper. We printed a few photographs on regular printer paper to test out the scale before printing on the cardstock.


2. Once you have assigned each cookie cutter with a patterned paper or photo and have successfully printed your photos onto cardstock, it’s time to start gluing. This requires a very steady and slow hand. We recommend running the glue along the sharper/thinner side of the ornament. Next, quickly turn it over and press it onto the patterned paper/photo cardstock. Hold down for a few seconds with your hands, and then place a heavy object (we used books) on top. Leave heavy objects on the cookie cutter for about 10 minutes, to insure that they are completely dry and sealed to the paper.


3. Now that the cookie cutter is sealed to the paper, you can trace along the outside of the cutter with your X-acto blade. (We recommend changing your blade after every 2-3 ornaments to prevent rippling the paper.) This is also a tedious step, so be careful around the more detailed edges. If you notice any dry glue along the edges of the cookie cutter, simply dab a little Goof-Off on a Q-Tip, rub it along the dry glue, and then wipe away with a paper towel.


4. When the cookie cutter no longer has any paper extending from the outer edges, you are ready to add the finishing touches. Cut your satin ribbon to about 6 inches long, and make a ¼” or 1/8” small horizontal incision across the top of the ornament’s paper and push your satin ribbon through half way. Then take your metallic bead and string it onto the ribbon and tie the two ends together at the top where they meet.

(Photo by David Colwell.) 

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