December 8th, 2012 - 8:05 pm

31 Days of Gift Giving—Day 8


The annual egg decorating presentation by Wendy Ng of Bowstring Art Studio has returned this weekend to the Calico Cat. For seven years Ng has created beautiful one-of-a-kind decorated eggs using the Pysanky technique, a Ukrainian wax resist dying process. You will find several already made options to choose from (which she can easily transform into an ornament on-site) or may also request commissioned eggs based on interests, specific egg type, or particular color-ways and patterns—just make sure you place these orders several weeks in advance. Although stopping by and seeing Ng at work this weekend is an added treat, this great gift idea will be available at the store throughout the holiday season. Painted eggs (starting at $35) at the Calico Cat. 


(Photos by me.)

12 issues for $18!